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Timber Supplies

We stock a large selection of building supplies, timber, and construction materials. We have imported carcassing eased edge treated timber, with the majority being of C24 Grade. We also carry 5ths Scandinavian Planed Redwood sections, unsorted Redwood Sawn Joinery, and Top-Quality Fencing Materials.

This page will give you an overview of the timber products we have available. Please feel free to contact us for a competitive quote for any of our stock.

Fencing & Garden Range

Wood fences are the most common type of fence we build today. Wood’s availability, its versatility, and its relatively low cost of building and maintenance make it the ideal material.

It is always advisable to use heartwood, an older wood taken from the inside of a tree, rather than sapwood. Heartwood usually has fewer knots and will be more resistant to decay.

Fence Posts

We supply concrete fence posts which offer a great deal more strength per unit than wooden posts. If building area is an issue then these concrete posts can be used at a smaller size than wooden posts and require smaller holes. They are also considerably cheaper than comparable steel or speciality wooden posts.

We stock a large range of green pressure treated fencing materials which includes Heavy Duty waney edge panels as well as all components required to erect Featheredge fencing. We also carry Concrete fence posts and gravel boards.

What different sorts of timber are available?

Treated C16/24 Sawn “Dry” Carcassing Softwood.
Softwood or hardwood plywood is used for general building purposes i.e. site hoarding, window shuttering, wall sheathing or applications.

The majority of our treated timber is C24 grade and suitable for a variety of purposes, from fencing to decking and flooring.

European Redwood

There are numerous softwoods produced in Europe, including Douglas Fir, Whitewood (Spruce), Larch, Cedar, and more. We import European Redwood (also known as Pine) which is ideal for a variety of uses including furniture, mouldings, joinery, cabinets, doors, panelling, and flooring.

The grades vary for different uses. Knots are not uncommon but their size and quality vary according to the part of the tree from which boards are converted. It generally has much less warp than whitewood, though warp can still be an issue.

The benefits of using Redwood are manifold. It machines well, is easy to stain and paint, does not show a lot of shrinkage, and both glues and nails well. It’s quite resistant to preservative treatments but is also resistant to decay.

In stock we have kiln dried treated carcassing timbers. Stock is mainly concentrated on Swedish production C16/C24 grade. We can supply in full load quantities or specific picked lengths.

Planed Square Edge Timber

A comprehensive range of 5ths redwood planed timber is available from stock. Including skirting boards, architraves tongue & groove and cladding materials.

There are several acronyms used to describe timber which you might find it helpful to know:

Rough sawn

Usually this results in a splintery finish.

Dimension sawn

Sawn to exact size but with the same rough finish as rough sawn.


Planed All Round to achieve a smooth finish. A lot of PAR has a square edge but this is not guaranteed. PAR is rarely used these days, having largely been replaced by PSE.


Planed Square Edge. This is planed all round with sides accurately at 90 degrees.
All 25mm thicknesses are produced from imported boards.


We offer a range of high-quality softwood decking boards and components manufactured from European redwood.

One of the benefits of using softwood for your decking is its affordability. Softwood is less dense than hardwood and must be pre-treated with preservatives. We treat our boards with Tanalised E wood preservative.

While the boards may eventually show signs of wear, more quickly than the alternative hardwood or composite, our properly treated boards offer a service life of 15 years and over.

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