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Timber and Allied Services Ltd offer a wide range of Thermal and Acoustic insulations including Celotex, Kingspan and Rectisel Cavity and roof insulation. Rockwool Roll, Cavity and Flexislab insulation. Glasswool Roll for loft insulation and Internal studwork. 

We also offer Actis Tri iso products as well as Thinsulex Silver and Gold, Breather Roof Membranes and Internal drylining metal stud channel.

Thermal Insulation

When deciding which insulation material, you should use, you should be sure to be aware of which material would work the best in your situation.


Fiberglass is an excellent non-flammable insulation material, with R-values ranging from R-2.9 to R-3.8 per inch. 

It’s also extremely cheap, though installing it requires safety precautions. 

Be sure to use eye protection, masks, and gloves when handling this product.

Mineral Wool

We supply glass wool (fiberglass manufactured from recycled glass) and rock wool (made from basalt), with an R-value ranging from R-2.8 to R-3.5. Although the wool is not fire resistant, it is not combustible. 

When used in conjunction with other, more fire-resistant forms of insulation, mineral wool can definitely be an effective way of insulating large areas.


Cellulose insulation is made from recycled cardboard, paper, and other similar materials, making it the eco-friendly choice.

Cellulose has an R-value between R-3.1 and R-3.7. Because the material is extremely compact and contains almost no oxygen it’s a good choice if you want to minimise the risk of fire damage.

However, some people are allergic to the newspaper dust it contains.


Polystyrene waterproof and an excellent sound and temperature insulation material. 

Extruded polystyrene (Styrofoam) has an R-value of R-5.5, whereas expanded polystyrene is only R-4, although the latter is cheaper. 

Typically, the foam is created or cut into blocks, ideal for wall insulation.

Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane foams are relatively light, weighing approximately two pounds per cubic foot. They have the advantage that they can be sprayed into areas that have no insulation. 

These types of polyurethane insulation tend to have approximately R-3.6 rating per inch of thickness. 

Another advantage of this type of insulation is that it is fire resistant.

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