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Building Materials

Building Materials

All available with Crane offload we can supply Blocks, Bricks, Cement, Sand, Aggregates, Tiles and all requirement from below ground to finishing.

Concrete Blocks

Probably the most common masonry unit, the concrete block consists of hardened cement and may be completely solid or contain single or multiple hollows. A cement mix is combined with various types of aggregate, such as sand, gravel, or crushed stone.

Although concrete blocks come in many sizes and shapes, we can supply them in the following sizes.

  • Size 1
  • Size 2
  • Size 3

All our concrete blocks are properly designed and constructed, and satisfy a variety of building requirements, including fire prevention, safety, durability, economy, appearance, utility, comfort, and acoustics. Concrete blocks are used in all types of masonry construction. The following are just a few of many examples:

  • Exterior load-bearing walls (both below and above grade)
  • Interior load-bearing walls
  • Fire walls and curtain walls
  • Partitions and panel walks
  • Backing for brick, stone, and other facings;
  • Fire safe walls around stairwells, elevators, and enclosures
  • Piers and columns; Retaining walls
  • Chimneys
  • Concrete floor units


Bricks may be the most common building material in the world but not every brick is suitable for every purpose.  Whichever sort of brick you need, we can supply it.

Common Bricks

These are used for internal walls and rear walls which will not be exposed to view. Any brick which is sufficiently hard and of reasonably good shape and of moderate price may be used as a ‘common’ brick, so this is ideal for bricks with a dull texture or poor colour.

Facing Bricks

Almost any brick with a pleasant appearance could be used as a facing brick. It just needs to be sufficiently hard burned to carry normal loads, and able to withstand the effects of rain, wind, and frost without breaking up.

Engineering Bricks

These are manufactured at extremely high temperatures, forming a dense and strong brick with excellent water resistance.

Concrete Bricks

Usually used in facades, fences, and with an excellent aesthetic presence, concrete bricks can be manufactured to provide different colours as pigmented during its production.


Many outside the building trade conflate cement with concrete but the two are not the same. Cement is actually a component of concrete. Concrete is made up of three basic components: water, aggregate (rock, sand, or gravel) and cement. Cement, usually in the form of a powder, works as a binding agent when mixed with water and aggregates.

You will need cement if:

  • Filling cracks in concrete with a cement slurry
  • Doing masonry work, plastering and pointing with cement mortar
  • Making concrete
  • Manufacturing lamp posts, telephone posts, railway sleepers, piles, etc
  • Manufacturing cement pipes, garden seats, dust bins, flower pots, etc
  • Constructing roads, footpaths, etc


Like most construction materials comes in more varieties than you might think and, as always in construction, choice of materials is of crucial importance. First and foremost, it must be clean, free from waste stones and impurities.

You also need to know whether you need pit sand, river sand, or sea sand.

Pit Sand
Pit sand (also known as coarse sand is generally in red-orange colour and is mostly used as a component of concrete.

River Sand
Taken from river streams and banks river sand is of much finer quality than pit sand. This type of sand has rounded grains generally in off-white colour and if often used in plastering.

Sea Sand
Taken from sea shores it has a distinctive brown colour and fine circular grains. Because it contains salt it is not recommended for building.


If you are making concrete slabs or some other structural project where a smooth surface is required, we can supply fine aggregate to give volume, stability, and resistance to wear or erosion to the finished product. Fine aggregate usually consists of sand, crushed stone, or crushed slag screenings.

If you require a coarse aggregate for larger projects, we can supply that too, composed of gravel, fragments of broken stone, slag, and other coarse substances.


Ceramic and porcelain tiles are a beautiful and environmentally-friendly building material. 

Unlike carpet, vinyl, or laminate flooring which have to be replaced periodically, properly installed tiles will last a lifetime.

But tile is not just for kitchens or bathrooms. It is a luxurious option for creating a beautiful living or work environment. 

So contact us today to find out more about our range.

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